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All for Rum and Rum for All Unisex Tee

All for Rum and Rum for All Unisex Tee

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Get ready to sail the high seas of rum-loving hilarity with our "All for Rum and Rum for All" Unisex Tee! Made from the softest cotton and polyester blend, this tee is as comfy as a pirate's hammock. Choose from a treasure trove of solid colors or heather blends that will make your fellow swashbucklers green with envy. Dark shirts boast bold white text, while light shirts sport mysterious black text. We're all about customization, so if you want to add a personal touch, just say the word, and our crew will make it happen! Our expert pirates...err, production team will have your tee ready to set sail in 2-5 business days, and you'll be tracking your booty...uh, package, as it sails to your doorstep in approximately 2-5 business days via trusty USPS. To keep your tee shipshape, turn it inside out before washing, wash with similar colors, and opt for a cold or warm machine wash. Landlubbers beware: direct ironing over the print may cause a mutiny, so play it safe, matey! So, grab your grog, don your "All for Rum and Rum for All" tee, and let's embark on an adventure filled with laughter, good times, and plenty of rum-induced shenanigans! Arrr!

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